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Personalized parties that tell stories and enchant everyone are our strong point!
Very special
Every single part of your event is carefully designed.
“We want your day to be very special and full of good memories!”
That’s why we pay full attention to details, after all, we believe that’s where all the love lives!
Definition of visual identity, color palette, furniture, stationery and personalized items: everything for your party to be unique, just like you!

What we do

Event Planning
We take care of every detail so that your event is the way you dreamed!
Balloon Decor
Because balloons are the life of a party!


By Thabi Decor
The passion for designing and creating comes from birth. I grew up seeing my grandmother’s paintings and wishing all those paints for myself!
When I grew up, I found design and development in Engineering. It was beautiful to see my drawings come true. It was also during this period that I learned about planning and managing.
As soon as I became a mother, a universe exploded in front of me, blossoming all this creativity that lived inside me.
And it was with this mix of experiences and skills that By Thabi Decor was born: designing and giving life to creative and unique parties!
After all, projects were made to get off the ground, and we are responsible for bringing your dreams to life!
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